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m girl

just a little venting among friends... x-posted elsewhere...

hey, salaam everyone...

i was curious if anyone else ever runs into this situation, and if so what do you do???

here is the situation i'm referring to:

have you ever found some other Muslims very rude in their response when you offer salaam to them? what i mean is, i, being a sister, have offered my salaam to many another sister, and found their return of salaam to be very begrudging and almost cold in its delivery. this really irritates the hell out of me, especially since we all know that it is our OBLIGATION and our RIGHT to give and receive salaams to and from other Muslims of the same gender. now i am not saying every returned salaam i get is cold or begrudging, but oftentimes, i find it is. not only that, but i'm nearly always the initial one to offer the greeting in the first place!!!! grrrrrr!!! SO rude!!!!

anyway, in all honesty, sometimes when this happens, i really feel like being bitchy back to them (sorry, Allah, i know that's not good), but i never do act that way back. i just bite my lip and move on.

how do you handle it??? does it annoy you too???

thanks, and WA' SALAAM :-) *big smile*

--m girl
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