Rhymes With Possum (bedhoppngothboi) wrote in freewaymuslims,
Rhymes With Possum

Punjabi Punk baby!

I'm hoping this post is appropriate for this community...
So let us reintroduce ourselves.. we are The Kominas, an all Punjabi punk band. We just completed 2 more songs. First is a rerecording of our first single, "Rumi was a Homo". The track is a total Anti-hatred explosion of Gayness. A lot of flamboyance, you can definetly tell our Guitarist is a Pathan! It's a playful and flirtatious jab at the bigot Siraj Wahaj, who said he'd burn down a Gay Mosque as soon as it was built... And also a little uppercut on Asma Hasan (Muslims for Bush - ew).

Then there's a goofy ISNA RAWK tune, based on a Bismillah rhyme we learned at the age of 5. Hopefully you'll dig the tunes... Give them a listen by clicking on this banner:

Click on banner above to listen to the new Kominas recordings..

We'll hopefully be playing out some time this summer! We've got drummers and dhol players to try out! Baley Baley Oi Oi Oi!

~ The Kominas
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