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Hello everyone. I've never posted here before but just learned of something I'd like to share...and rant about.

Anyone hear of how the US soldiers had some good ol' fun throwing the Holy Quran around in front of prisoners suspected of being AL-Qaeda members? I’m sickened, absolutely appalled. Condoleeza Rice decides to formally apologize to all the Muslims in the US and around the world.

...excuse me, please, while I throw up.

How dare anyone even think this is what they should do? WHAT the hell did those morons hope to accomplish by doing this? This is yet another indication of why the Muslim world is distrustful of the west, because incidents like this happen. *cough Abu Ghraib cough*

The fact of the matter is this: if these people do not have respect for the Quran it means plain and simple they have zero respect for Muslims. If these people are the representation of America, they’re doing a pretty crappy job, I’d say.

EDIT: It's been pointed out to me that actually they're doing a good job... they are showing their true colors by doing so...

There are protests all over the mid-east, all the way to Afghanistan over this. The Saudi government has come out with a statement saying they are “following this with deep indignation.”

This should make every Muslim saddened and upset.


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