m girl (broodmood) wrote in freewaymuslims,
m girl

wow- is everyone asleep?!!?!?!

no one has posted here in ages... salaaaaams everyone.

homosexuality- how do you feel about it??? is it haram/halal or just disliked in your eyes???

i have a lot of gay friends (including ones that are Muslim) who are amazing people and it's too hard for me to believe that they are "destined for Jahannam" simply because they are gay. i struggle with this issue a lot because i believe so heavily in gay rights and the rights of all human beings to be happy and live their lives in peace.

i feel blessed for sure that i am hetero because it is not easy to be gay in this world. this is not to say that i think it is a curse from Allah to be gay- PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT SAYING THAT. i would never make a judgement call like that because it is obviously something only God could determine, not us humans. i am just saying that it is so much easier and accpetable to be hetero even in today's "modern" world.

so anyhow- what are your thoughts?

also- do you think homosexuality and heterosexuality are predetermined at birth, or that they are choices? nature vs. nurture???


---m girl
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