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Dear Ummah

Dear Ummah:
They're cartoons. Offensive cartoons made by bigots. So what? We're not the only group to get made fun of. Christians and Jews and pagans have been calling Muhammad a false prophet since Muhammad's own time, peace be upon him, they've called him a terrorist, they've even called him a paedophile. So what's the big deal about a cartoon where Muhammad has a turban that looks like a bomb, or whatever? This isn't even one of the most offensive things they've done. Obviously this isn't idolatry, because they're making fun of him. And depiction of the Prophet, alone, is nothing new at all. The Shiah do it, and I've seen many artistic depictions of Rasulullah, with or without the flame covering his head. So no, this is NOT about idolatry. This is about a hissy fit.
The Muslim community has bigger things to worry about, and they're mostly problems originating within Islam, but we seem unwilling to deal with those problems. We just complain and moan about little things, like this, or Amina Wadud's woman led prayer, or Nike having a logo that superficially resembled the name of Allah. Iran's holocaust comic idea is disgusting.
There was a woman, who every day used to throw FECES, that's right, human waste, on Rasulullah. She used to THROW FECES ON OUR BELOVED PROPHET, and one day, she didn't. Do you know what Muhammad did? He went and checked on her to see if she was okay. He didn't kill her or yell threats or even insult her. He checked on her, because he was a kind man, and he expects us to be kind too. She was so moved by that that her perceptions of him changed and she accepted Islam. Muhammad isn't here now. He can't go offer peace to these people and those who support them. We are supposed to follow his example though. So, when you see these people throwing feces on our Prophet, don't throw insults at them. Be a kind person, like Muhammad. Follow his example, and change their perception of Islam.
A concerned fellow Muslim,
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