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Islamic Clothing

Most muslims are sunni and believe Islam is from three sources, from highest to lowest: The Quran, Hadith(Sayings of the prophet), and Sunnah (Traditions of the prophet). Because of this, people of other cultures adopt arab style greetings, sayings, and clothing.
I wonder what people in America think about this when they see a white european american in a dishdasha:

What about Islamic traditional headwear?


This second one I don't think anyone would have a problem because they are so out of it they don't understand that its not a fashion invention from 2001. I've seen Justin Timberlake, Paula Abdul, Nas, and fifty cent wear these muslim caps.

I know that Jeffery Lang, american convert who has written a few books on Islam on america, sees it as foolish. He believes that American converts must fit Islam to their culture(To muslims: I do not think he means Bid'ah), which he explains in "Even Angels ask".

Would it be pretenious to wear full Islamic/arab dress? Would it be useless, as it may signal that I am promoting a specific cultural ideal instead of true Islamic ideals? Does it even matter what nonbelievers think of my clothing choices?
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