Yusuf (malehijab) wrote in freewaymuslims,

Is your mosque a Pepsi mosque?


"Does the fact that we are selling, thus encouraging the consumption of unhealthy foods run contrary to what seems to be our favorite slogan, “Islam isn’t a religion; it’s a way of life”? If Islam is a [good] way of life, why is it that we sell high-fructose corn syrup laced with artificial colors and flavors in our places of worship?!"
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I've often wondered if shopping at Wal-Mart was unIslamic. or buying slave/sweatshop labor clothing. or driving cars.
I mean, as a way of life, being a Muslim should mean, you know, not being oppressive and taking care of humanity and all that wonderful stuff. and shopping at the Gap technically supports a pretty oppressive institution.

okay, so really this is just me rambling. but I'd like to hear everyone's (anyone's) thoughts on the issue. anything in my campaign to convince my family to buy organic, locally grown produce.