Yusuf (malehijab) wrote in freewaymuslims,

My name causes national security alerts. The Commercial

Thank you yet again to "Ben Thal":http://myspace.com/bejaru for his night-long production of this, the first HijabMan commercial. I also appreciate him allowing me to use his music towards the end. Oh, and for convincing me to order those chicken wings and pineapple-topped pizza at 3 AM a couple nights ago. It totally hit the spot, man.

Also check out the "store":http://www.hijabman.com/store for 4 a few new shirts posted, as well as some bumper stickers towards the bottom!

Look for more ads in the coming weeks! Feel free to share this one in the meantime.

_Can I get an alhamdulillah?_
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ha. you know what, i'm treated badly in indonesia for having a catholic first name. put on terrorist list in the netherlands for having arabic last name. my life is a living hell.
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Ahmaddiyya in the Balance
by Sam Shamoun
published on 05/06/2007
The Ahmaddiyya Sect of Islam was founded in 1882 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of India. At first, Ghulam had no intention of starting a new religious sect, but focused instead on refuting Christianity and Christian Missionaries throughout India. From there, Ghulam wrote a book in 1879/80 titled Baraheen Ahmadiyya. In this two-volume work, Mirza promoted the Orthodox Islamic conception of Christ, Muhammad, Prophets, revelation, etc. while attempting to present a case against Christianity.
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