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Freeway Muslims

Even Though What We Do Is Wrong...

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Attention!!! New Rules For Joining Community

Since we've had some "spam" in the community, there are new regulations for joining the community. For one, as some newer members have seen, joining is moderated. People have to be approved before they can join. For two, now when people request membership in the community, before they are accepted or rejected, they will be contacted, more than likely via their lj, and asked about why they want to join the community, etc.

Furthermore no spam will be accepted in this community. This community serves the purpose of less-than-strict Muslims to get together and talk and have good friendship and not feel like they are being attacked for not being "completely committed" in their deen.

As-salaam alaikum

This community is for Muslims who love Islam and also having a good time.

This Community is for MUSLIMS ONLY! No disrespect to anyone but we're definitely not here in this community to set an example. This is a place for less-than-perfect Muslims to get together and talk, etc.

Yes, this is a SERIOUS community. If you do not agree with our views, do not join.

We will settle our debts on Judgment Day.

Allah hafiz,

medinasoul and qada, moderators